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Stefaniya Wood, UK

My name is Stefaniya Wood. I am originally from the Ukraine, from Kharkiv. I live and study in the UK and really wish I was there, back to my city. I can not come due to my course, financial situation and my children but I try to raise public opinion and especially students at my University in Coventry. I want all the UK to know that Ukrainians do not give up to fight for Human Right, to fight against crime, corruption, communism. I can help by passing information to the UK universities and also by translation. I am very proud of the Ukraine.
You know, English ask me: How do people stay outside on the streets when it is minus 10-15 C? They, English will never be able to strike like Ukrainians. I think when there are a lot of meat on the table a human becomes to feel no interests to the outside world.
I hope I will be able to help you in some ways
Orange will win!